About this blog

This is a blog designed to help readers take control of their own lives.

Whether it’s forming relationships with others, managing one’s own health, working more effectively, or taking control of troublesome mental conditions such as depressions or phobias, there is generally a lot that a person can do to help her- or himself.

As a clinical psychologist with thirty years of experience in the field and the author of two books on psych-related topics (and more on the way), I wanted to have a single blog source where I can share the latest and most helpful ways to manage your moods, improve relationships, be more effective and productive in your career (or figure out what career you want), or to cope with life’s hard times.

Feedback always welcome.

About me: I earned a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Minnesota, and have practiced in that state as well as California and Vermont.  I’m currently a licensed psychologist in Vermont (where the rules say I should refer to myself as a “psychologist-doctorate” so there, I did.) I’ve worked in clinical settings including state psychiatric hospitals, medical settings, outpatient mental health clinics, and private practice; I’ve been a graduate faculty member in a doctoral clinical psych program, have mentored lots of therapists, and have additional training in fields including psychoanalysis, organizational consulting, hypnosis, and so on.  I’m the author of two swell books  you’ll want to read: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Enhancing Your Social IQ, and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Phobias.  I’ve also completed one novel (a psychoanalytic murder mystery) which will be coming out shortly, and am working on a book on the self-treatment of depression (pieces of which will appear here as I road test them.)

I enjoy hiking, stacking wood, road trips, learning new things, running on country roads in Vibram Five-finger shoes, fires in the stove in the winter, nature, anything to do with Vermont, and my wife Skye, whose judgment and advice informs lots of my work.

Hope you find this useful, but hey, let me know.  And as usual, the legalistic disclaimer: this blog and its contents are not a substitute for professional advice or medical, psychological or other care you may need.  Use any suggestions herein at your own risk and after consulting with your own pros, if need be.  Your mileage will definitely vary, but hey, I did my best.


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